Tesla Destroyed a Forest to Build Gigafactory 4

tesla's new gigafactory
Written by OphiloNews

Tesla, Elon Musk’s CEO, destroyed a forest near Berlin to build Gigafactory 4. To make up for this, Tesla plans to plant three times as many trees as it cut.

Tesla, a US-based car manufacturer, is a leading name in the electric car industry. The company has produced an event that could react to opening the fourth of its factories, the Gigafactory 4, where it produces its automobiles and auto parts. Tesla had to cut down trees in a forest to build Gigafactory 4.

Gigafactory 4, which will be built on an area of approximately 300 hectares, will cut down all the trees in this area. The factory will be located next to the GVZ Berlin-Ost Freienbrink industrial park, which is said to be located near Berlin, but is not so close, with a distance of 30 to 50 km depending on the route to the city center. Tesla had to cut a considerable amount of wood in order to build the factory in this area.

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