Sucker Punch: Ghost of Tsushima will Be A Huge Game

Sucker Punch: Ghost of Tsushima
Written by OphiloNews

The Game Awards came and went, prizes were awarded and games were introduced. But one of the introduced games managed to outrun the others: Ghost of Tsushima. According to the developer team, this could be the studio’s biggest game.

We talked about a lot of games at The Game Awards this week, but Ghost of Tsushima managed to stand out a bit more. The game looked truly spectacular and thoroughly increased our expectations. But Ghost of Tsushima was not only graphically beautiful, but also spectacular in its atmosphere.

The Ghost of Tsushima, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and distributed by Sony, may be the biggest game Sucker Punch ever made. Andrew Goldfarb, communications manager for Sucker Punch Productions, made several statements about Ghost of Tsushima on the PlayStation Blog.

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