New 400 Level and Free Apex Packs are Coming to the Apex Legends

Written by OphiloNews

EA announced the release of Apex Legends on December 3, adding 400 new level and 199 free winnable Apex Packs to the game. In addition, with the new update, players will be able to buy backward Apex Pack and have new level badges.

Electronic Arts announces upcoming innovations to Apex Legends, the survival game it produced. Under the new update, the EA will add 400 additional player levels, thus increasing the number of levels in the game to 500. In addition, 199 new Apex Packs that can be gained by players with new levels will be added to the game.

As of now, the player level limit in Apex Legends has been set to 100 and this number will increase to 500 from 3 December. At this point, the EA says that the total amount of XP required to reach level 100 has been reduced by 5%. With this change, the company says there will be a softening in the increases in XP’s required for each level.

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