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Leaked PlayStation 5 Devkit is Viewed for the First Time

playstation 5 devkit
Written by OphiloNews

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Sony’s PlayStation 5, expected to be introduced in 2020, was first viewed on the Internet. The images, including the DualShock 5, exactly match the previous leaks.

The PlayStation series, which started with the Sony PlayStation 1 for the first time in 1994, continued with the PlayStation 4, which was introduced in 2013. Almost 6 years have passed since the last console and users are now counting the days for the PlayStation 5. Recently, Sony’s comments have sprinkled a bit of water on this curious wait.

For the first time ever, the Sony PlayStation 5 has been shared with the new DualShock controller and has been spreading rapidly among users. The most important point of the shared images was the one-on-one match with the previously leaked images. Let’s take a short look at the images and talk about them without further ado.

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