Kojima Gives Green Light to Death Stranding’s Sequel

death stranding's sequel
Written by OphiloNews

Death Stranding was welcomed by PS4 players, and expectations for the further development of Kojima Productions, founded by Hideo Kojima, are already in progress. The positive response from the successful director came to the expectations of the new game.

Hideo Kojima says he intends to make a sequel to Death Stranding, but the story probably won’t continue from the first play. The director discussed the possibility of working with Norman Reedus again and said that if this happens, Death Stranding would continue. However, Kojima intends to start from scratch if such a project is to be launched.

So Death Stranding’s second play won’t continue the story in the first play from any point. Perhaps the two games can be connected by sharing the same universe or discovering similar themes. Norman Reedus plays Sam Bridges, the main character in Death Stranding, so he can repeat the role in the sequel, but not necessarily the main character.

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