Dubai wants Tesla Cybertruck to Make Police Car

cybertruck police car
Written by OphiloNews

Dubai Police wants to add Tesla Cybertruck to its fleet. Recently, a Cybertruck photo adorned with the logos of the police organization was shared from the Twitter account of Dubai Police Department.

The Dubai Police Car fleet may be one of the most expensive fleets in the world. The police garage consists of luxury vehicles such as Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Aventador. Dubai Police now wants to expand this luxury fleet with Tesla Cybertruck.

The official Twitter account of the Dubai Police Department, with the title of 2020, was added to the Cybertruck. Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri in a statement to Arabian Business said Cybertrucks will be used for security in touristic areas.



Cybertruck will be a vehicle to strengthen the Dubai Police Department fleet with its pressed stainless steel body and bulletproof windows. Tesla’s extraordinary-looking vehicle is a powerful vehicle with an engine power that can go from 0 to 96 km / h in under 3 seconds and its long range.

It is understandable that Dubai Police Department wants to include Cybertruck. However, the tweet taken by police officers, still surprised. Cybertruck’s production is expected to begin in late 2021. Therefore, it is a question of how the Dubai Police Department will own Cybertruck in 2020.

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