Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human
Written by OphiloNews


“Artificial intelligence will be either the best or the worst thing,” said famous physicist Stephen Hawking. Because the fact that something is artificial, that is human production, has always brought along mistakes. However, one should not forget that one’s own intelligence is not perfect either. If man were perfect, he wouldn’t see wars or crying children. (Detroit: Become Human) 

First of all, this article will not be a preliminary review for Detroit: Become Human, as someone who has never played a Quantic Dream game before, it could be career suicide. So the general subject of the article will actually be my thoughts about Detroit: Become Human’s philosophy, potential story and artificial intelligence.

Let us summarize the subject of Detroit: Become Human as far as we know. Even though I haven’t played it before, as I know; Detroit: Become Human is an adventure game where we direct multiple characters like the old Quantic Dream games and influence the story directly.

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