Best Women’s Watches 2020

Best Womens Watches 2019
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Nowadays, almost everyone, men or women, has a smartphone in hand. All of these phones have a clock feature and all you need to do is take a quick look at the digital clock in the upper corner. Regardless, all this technology does not diminish the importance and charm of a luxury watch. A high-quality watch is the perfect accessory for both men and women to complement their clothing and adds elegance, prestige and style to the overall look of the person. Our list of “Best Women’s Watches 2019” is created for you to help finding the best choice of excellence.

Wristwatches are quite popular among men, but are not preferred by women, especially in the luxury segment. Many believe, however, that a quality luxury watch reflects the woman’s personality  without using any other accessories. In addition, a luxurious wrist watch emphasizes one’s femininity and beauty. A beautiful, minimalist watch or a large case and fancy watch can each be a different fashion expression depending on a woman’s personal style and appearance.

Here are the 5 best women’s watches of 2019:

1. Rolex – Lady Datejust 31 Gold Dial 18K Yellow Gold President

No list can be completed without the Rolex watch models, whether you are creating the best watch model for women or men. The Rolex Datejust watch series, definitely one of the best women’s watches in 2019, has a very reasonable label to wear on.

Best Womens Watches 2019

Rolex – Lady Datejust

Made of 18 carat yellow gold, the case and bracelet are in perfect harmony with the dial of the same color. It is a dizzying model with the same colored hands and diamond watch indexes. In addition, the Rolex Lady-Datejust 31 Gold Dial is 18K Yellow Gold President waterproof up to 100 meters.


2. Vacheron Constantin – Overseas

Since the 18th century, Vacheron Constantin has been the manufacturer of mechanical watches with the most complex complications in the world. It is a very famous ultra-luxury watch brand with the most important watchmakers in the world. Unlike other models, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas model is a very new model. Despite being a new model, it soon became a symbol of sporty watch designs.

Best Womens Watches 2019

Vacheron Constantin – Overseas

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas women’s watch is an automatic model with a Geneve stamp. It is mechanically flawless and has a dazzling design. The model has 3 interchangeable bracelets and straps and is sold as a set. These are brushed stainless steel bracelet, blue rubber bracelet and handcrafted crocodile black strap which is quite beautiful.


3. Piaget – Polo Fortyfive Lady

When listing the best watches, it is not surprising that many models are Swiss watch brands. When it comes to Swiss watch brands, a list without Piaget is obviously incomplete. The Piaget watch brand is so famous for its use of precious stones, excellent precision mechanisms and the production of some of the finest watches in the world.

invicta – Polo Fortyfive Lady

The Piaget Polo Fortyfive women’s watch was also popular with avangart style when it was launched 35 years ago. The model is available in several different versions. One of the most popular models is a diamond-plated bezel, white dial, date display and silicone strap and diamond watch indexes, while another model features a crocodile strap, rose gold and diamond-plated dial.


4. Patek Philippe – Ladies Calatrava

Whether it’s a formal meeting, a business lunch or a luxurious setting, the Patek Philippe Ladies Calatrava always draws attention. Designed for the first time in 1930, the model has been the flagship of minimalist elegance for nearly a century.

best womens watches 2019

Patek Philippe – Ladies Calatrava

Patek Philippe Ladies Calatrava, one of the best luxury women’s watches models in 2019, has a white gold case with fork clasp, 48 baguette cut diamonds, night blue dial and strap. The most ambitious version of the model, which has about 6 different versions, is a white gold case model with cast iron color dial and crocodile strap, with a total of more than 5 carats of diamond casting. If you want to leave a mark in your surroundings, Patek Philippe Ladies Calatrava will be a top choice.


5. Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous

The Rendez-Vous collection, whose essence embodies the purity of femininity, was reshaped this year as part of the Art of Precision theme. Precision in technical and design … The new Rendez-Vous models reveal their wealth at first glance, with details bearing the codes of High Jewelery:

Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous

In addition to the Griff Setting application, a new Moon phase design, the distinctive character of diamonds and nacre… These new models added to the Rendez-Vous collection are full of more watchmaking spirit than ever before. Each one’s exceptional personality perfectly reflects the extraordinary sensitivity needed to bring these creations to life.

Accessories are very important for women. Almost no woman can say no to a beautiful object that will complement her stylish clothes. Wristwatches are also one of the best products in this field. In our list of the top 5 luxury women’s watches you will definitely find a piece that will appeal to your taste.

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