Artificial Nerve Cells That Act Like Real Nerve Cells Developed

Synthetic Neurons
Written by OphiloNews

Scientists have succeeded in developing artificial nerve cells that act like real nerve cells. Small silicon chips can be used to treat diseases such as spinal cord injury and heart failure.

Medical science continues to be outstanding scientific developments. Scientists from the University of Bath have been able to develop nearly the same silicon microchips as human nerve cells.

Nerve cells are found throughout the nervous system and brain neurons. Nerve cells send electrical signals from the brain to the body to send and receive information. In order for the nerve cells to transmit these electrical signals, mechanical and chemical signals are converted into electrical signals in ion channels.

Alain Nogaret, a physicist at the University of Bath and co-author of the article on artificial neural cells, “Until now, neurons were like black boxes. But we managed to open the black box and look inside. Our work is changing the approach so far. Because it offers a robust method to produce the electrical properties of neurons in great detail.” said.


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