Top 10 Bag Trends 2020

Bag Trends 2020
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Bags… They can never be enough. Bag lovers know what that means. A new one should be acquired according to each dress, color, season and trend of the period. In these days when we leave 2019 behind, we come to you with a letter that will warm your heart. 10 Bag Trends in 2020!

Although this year we will see very radical forms, the effect of the waist bags that have been on the market for two years is still changing shape. The reverse current has been catching us since the 90’s and is a re-adaptation of vintage bags. If you are a real bag lover, you will like this list, keep reading!

1) Necklace Bags

The smallest but most ambitious model of the year, these necklace bags will be. This new design product seems to give rise to great controversy. The aesthetics are not avoided in these bags, which emphasize functionality, while designing. Looks like hands free this year!

  1. Black Necklace Handbag
  2. Adidas Necklace Bag
  3. Leather Necklace Bag
  4. Coach Houston Flight
  5. Neck Wallet


2) Clasp Bags

Those who remember the old coin purse, these bags will not come foreign at all. These bags, which give the impression that they have enlarged their small coin wallets several times, carry the atmosphere of the past years to the present day and once again fuel the vintage fire that has not been extinguished for years.

  1. Beaded Sequin Wedding Party Handbag
  2. Rhinestone Wedding Party Handbag
  3. Noble Crystal Beaded Evening Bag
  4. Satin Pleated Flower Front Evening Bag
  5. Metal Frame Evening Bag


3) Transparent Bags

Bag Trends 2020

We will see plenty of transparent bags especially in spring / summer of 2020. These bags, which add functionality to their waterproofness, attracted our attention in Sally Lapointe fashion show with its elegant yet simple form. This plastic bag with a beige leather detail has removed a classic model from boringness.

  1. Clear Bag with Turn Lock Closure
  2. Clear Bag with Removable Chain Strap
  3. Large Clear Bag PVC Transparent
  4. YellowPin 2in1 Transparent Bag
  5. Royal Blue Transparent Bag


4) Double Bags

We have been seeing this trend for several seasons, but the intense use of it in the fashion shows of 2019 has made it a permanent situation. Double bag trend which is originally designed for Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, quickly impressed everyone in a short time. Besides we think that it is a late trend for today’s world and ask that “who has enough bag?..

  1. ELIMPAUL Women Fashion
  2. Laptop Tote Bag for Women
  3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Business Bag
  4. UtoteBag Women Laptop Bag
  5. Women Medium Adorable Double Bag


5) Ball-Shaped Bags

Inspired by architecture and modern art, these ball-shaped bags come to make you forget your classic Clutches instantly. The only drawback is that they are not very functional, and because of their round shape, even your phone may not fit in some sizes.

  1. Flada Ball Shaped Crystal Handbag
  2. Mily Heart Shape Clutch Bag
  3. Basketball Shaped Hand/Shoulderbag
  4. Round Clutch Handbag
  5. AOLVO Rattan Bag


6) Vintage Bags

It’s time for your mother to get her youth bag out of the suitcases! Because vintage bag are also in 2020 trends. The time is the time of returning to the back. A well-preserved vintage bag can make even the most basic part of your style attractive and turn into a stylish addition.

  1. Canvas Messenger Bag
  2. Forestfish Leather Hollow Bag
  3. ECOSUSI Vegan Leather
  4. Rose Purse Evening Handbag
  5. HOBO Cross-Body Bag


7) Shell-Shaped Bags

Bag Trends 2020

The shell-shaped bags are one-of-a-kind models for the summer months. Even though they have a form which we suspect about its functionality, as we have experienced in many new forms,  and even though they have a shape we think that “can I fit anything in it?”, we cannot say anything about their beauties and we love this new trend.

  1. Pattistore Luxury Shell Shaped Bag
  2. Felice Little Mermaid Seashell Purse
  3. Kuang Novelty Shell Pearl Purse
  4. Loungefly Disney Shell Shoulder Bag
  5. Mini Shell Shoulder Handbag


8) Fuzz and Fringe Bags

For the last few years we have not differentiated between feathers and fur; and we thought let it fly, let it be soft, let it be ours and we’ve embraced them. This year, fur and fringe fashion bags are one of our 2020 trends, so don’t wait and immediately get yourself a bag like this.

  1. Two-tone Faux Fur Shoulder Bag
  2. Handcrafted Leather 4 in 1 Bag
  3. Scully Calf Hair Knotted Shoulder Bag
  4. Small Cell Phone Purse
  5. Fringe Suede Leather Purse


9) Belt Bags

Bag Trends 2020

Belt bags are definitely the coolest, younger and more stylish cousins of the waist bags. This bag looks exactly like the style designed for busy people. Most important brands such as Burberry, Fendi, Chanel, Chloe and Jacquemus exhibited their bags in this form in 2019 creations. Get a belt bag as soon as possible!

  1. KAVU Rope Bag Cotton
  2. Herschel Supply Hip Pack
  3. Yome Waist Pack
  4. Rebecca Minkoff Nylon Belt Bag
  5. COACH Polished Pebble Belt Bag


10) Crocodile Bags

Bag Trends 2020

The end of 2019 meant for us the rise of animal designs. In 2020 trends, this bag fashion is in full spate and this time it appears as a crocodile pattern/relief on the bags. Providing a very elegant look, these bags break down the habits of their old classical form and come in new colors, forms and sizes.

  1. Canteen Purse Circle Crossbody Bag
  2. Satchel Handbags & Shoulder Bag
  3. APHISON Designer Unique Handbag
  4. PIJUSHI Leather Shoulder Bag
  5. PIJUSHI Handbags Crocodile

Of course, there are featured pieces every season, but the designers are keeping up with to create new works pushing the limits of geometry. Although we cannot give up the classic forms for a long time, we also love innovative designs!

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